Photography Tours

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WILDFOTO offers personal photographic tours for individuals or small groups.  The tours can be land based or with Paul on a boat in the incredible water ways of the Topend of Australia.

You can choose from our regular structured tours by clicking the "book now" button below or if you want a tour over a day or multiple days tailored to your needs please email us.

Whether you are a nature lover wanting to see the sights of the Topend, a professional photographer, or anything in between, you can trust Paul to expertly and safely get you great opportunities to see the natural wonders of the Territory and photography them.

As part of the tour Paul is also happy to mentor any beginner photographers or photographers new to wildlife photography at no extra charge.

Paul is available for tag along drives or walks, to fully guided trips on his boat or in the car. 

Please email paul at for more details and bookings.

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