Upcoming Workshops


Storm Photography for beginners 25/9/21

I'm excited to announce a workshop on Storm Photography for beginners at the Casuarina Campus of CDU on the morning of Saturday the 25th of September 2021.  It 's a 3 hour class starting at 8:30am and ending at 11:30am.

This workshop is just in time for our coming build-up and wet season!  I'll show you how you can capture great lightning and storm photos - and just any camera is fine as long as it allows you to use manual settings on it (email me first if you're not sure about your camera).

The subjects we'll be going over include;

1. An overview of basic camera settings such as shutterspeed, aperture, ISO & focus. 

2. Low light and night photography basics including equipment

3. How to capture lightning on camera

4. Locations around Darwin

Please note this is not a "Storm Chasing" workshop.  Storms and lightning can be very dangerous and this workshop is only about camera technique and settings (not behaviour).  I am certainly not a meteorologist or an electrical engineer for example so I am not qualified to tell you how close you should get to a storm or what is a safe vantage point.  This is only about how to capture the storms that you already are observing in a safe way that you wish you could get good photographs of.

Also please note that although I do go over some of the basic concepts of photography, a 3 hour class focussing on storm photography certainly can't teach anyone all the concepts of photography and camera settings.  The Darwin Camera Club (look it up on facebook) holds beginner photography courses and I'd suggest looking them up if you were interested in this.

Numbers are limited.  The price is $50 per person which is fully refundable if there are any COVID restrictions in these uncertain times and we can't run it.

Please email at paul@wildfoto.com.au with any enquiries or to book your spot.