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I have a experience in a broad range of photography and really enjoy passing my knowledge onto others.  As well as my core nature photography which includes wildlife, macro and natural landscapes (including lightning and astrophotography), I also enjoy genres such as street and portrait photography.  As well as this I do a lot of cinematography and enjoy teaching the art of capturing video.   The workshops vary in their target audiences from beginners to professionals and all those in between.  Please see below upcoming workshops and also a list of the various workshop types that detail the audience they are targeted for and the delivery and content.

"Great workshop this morning! I learn a lot of things and grasped some concepts I haven’t considered before. Would definitely love to attend the wild life workshops when they’re available so please keep me on your mailing list. Been following you on Insta and NT Field guide for some time and you have been inspiring." - Sherilyn 2021

"I really enjoyed the course. It was put across in a way I could understand. How can i find out about other courses you have on. All eager for the storms now , can you do something about that." - Erik 2021

"Thank you for the workshop this morning Paul. I learnt a lot and look forward to having a go at some night photography. I really appreciated your down to earth practical approach in the workshop. It takes skill to deliver that type of material without making it complicated and confusing (especially for beginners) but you nailed it!" - Dionne 2021

Upcoming Workshops

Jul 23-24    Marrakai   2-day Wildlife Photography Workshop   $300ea

Aug 20-21   Marrakai   2-day Wildlife Photography Workshop   $300ea

To find out more details about these workshops please click the links above.  Bookings and questions can be done by emailing me at  Some workshops will depend on numbers.  If you are more interested in one on one tuition please see my mentoring or tours information.